Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Woah - it's been months. If anyone still comes here to check if I have finally got my ass in gear and written something, I am terribly sorry for the long wait.

What have I been doing? Not riding - that's what! After the two dressage competitions, I had to put the riding on hold a little, as I was examining GCSEs and then cycling across Spain! Echo also had a bit of an accident in a thunder storm, breaking through her fence and cutting her face quite badly above her eye. She had to have stitches, but it's almost healed now. She has to wear one of those funny fly masks in the field, but she's got used to that now.

She's back to her summer escape routine too - they've had to secure her field with more electric fencing and she stands by the fence looking cross that she can't work out how to get through it!

I lunged her yesterday after nearly 5 weeks of no exercise and she was great - I was expecting all sorts of handstands, but I think she was just so relieved to be doing something that she was on her best behaviour. She responded to every voice command and was an angel!

I am helping my parents in the chaos of their house-move for a couple of days, then I should be able to get going with the riding again. Except for a week in Cornwall! We have a dressage competition at the end of August, so we're going to have to get some serious work done - it's the last one of the series and we've won two so far - if we win a third, I think we'll have won overall. Very exciting!

Will be back to proper posting soon I promise.

Daily adventures while training my young horse.