Monday, 5 November 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick note to let you know that Echo is doing really well after her surgery. She has had the staples out and is now going for short walks - about 7 minutes twice a day so far.

She actually doesn't seem to mind box rest too much. She's pretty bored and quite spooky out of her stable, but she is coping very well. She loves all the extra fuss she gets from being on the yard all day. She has multiple salt and mineral licks, as well as a treat ball that she kicks around her stable to find pony nuts that fall out. The yard owner has also been great about hiding carrots in her bed so she has to root around for them, so she has quite a lot to do.

We are still doing moderate versions of the yoga exercises too and she had physio last week to see if there was any residual soreness - she was quite sore in her back still, but this apparently eased off nicely during the treatment.

Over the next three weeks we will build up her walking to twenty minutes twice a day and then hopefully she should be in a position to be turned out in a small pen for a period each day.

What really sucks is that I am working away during the week now, so I can only see her at weekends. I hadn't really realised how hard I would find this, particularly with her being on box rest - I felt terrible leaving her on Sunday. But she is in a really great place and I trust the yard owner implicitly - she has known her since Echo was two years old, so she's pretty attached to her!

I'll try to get some photos at the weekend.

This photo was taken the day she arrived back from the vets - looks a bit dramatic!

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