Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Video from my lesson AGES ago

This is the video that I have been promising for ages to put up here. My laptop has been difficult about videos, so it has been tricky to get hold of. The lesson was with Kjeld Friedrikkson, a Danish Olympic rider. The first few moments of the video are near the beginning of the lesson, where Echo was being quite difficult with her head. After this point, Kjeld raised and tightened her noseband, and as you can see, it made a huge difference.

This was taken well over a month ago, and I think we have improved in our rhythm and balance, as well as our impulsion. She is quite forward here, but has definitely developed as she has gained strength. The end of the session sees Kjeld try to get us to work the trot out into a longer outline, getting her to stretch. It is partly successful, although I think we have got better at this!


dressagemom said...

She's really cute! Looks like you guys are doing a good job with each other.

Wiola said...

She looks much more powerful than I expected from the pictures you posted earlier.
I am looking forward to seeing updated videos:)

emma said...

These videos were fun to watch you are a lovely rider :)

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