Friday, 16 November 2007

Wiggly Shoulders!

I rode Echo this afternoon and was having some rather irritating problems. She was forward-going and flexed in the poll at all times - we no longer have any fights over her mouth (touch wood!) and in many ways she was very good. In fact, she was NEARLY very good for the whole session! However, I think perhaps I have been doing too much leg-yielding with her because every time I tried to ride a circle, on the open part of the circle she would fall out through her outside shoulder considerably. I know that this is because when I incline my weight to the inside and put my inside leg on on the circle, she thinks I mean go sideways. I also know that it is because I am not riding her outside enough, but I can't seem to correct it!

It's a strange feeling, not being able to control a horse's shoulders - she feels very wiggly! I also found that because I wasn't controlling her body properly, she was becoming quite heavy in my hand. I am very keen that she doesn't drag herself along on her forehand, and learns to push herself from behind. However, I was finding it very difficult to stop her hanging on the reins, when I clearly had no control of the main bulk of her body. It felt out of control and awkward and I kept getting really annoyed - not really at her, because she is not the one with the problem, but I didn't seem to be able to make myself correct it.

I think I need to leave the leg yielding a bit and focus on some transitions for a while - get her weight a little more onto her hind-legs and stop her falling onto her forehand. I really need a lesson, but funds are a little tight - all those vet's bills were a nightmare! Hopefully we are going to go for a hack tomorrow and relax a little!

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