Monday, 21 January 2008

A Quick Update

I'm sorry I haven't updated this for a week - I have been waiting to be able to say something conclusive about my livery, but unfortunately I still don't really know what's going on. I have decided to go for the yard that is nearer to me - thank you all for your helpful suggestions! I am going to make things as easy for myself as possible by getting rubber mats and having her on shavings rather than straw (you can't get away with going to work without a shower if you've mucked out straw - shavings you can just about, although the children will be the first to tell me if that isn't the case!)

I had hoped to move her this weekend, but I can't get hold of the girl that runs the yard at the moment. My boyfriend is going to go up there tomorrow and see if he can find out what's going on. The manager of my present yard has very kindly agreed to drive her there, and I think I can get everything organised by then. Ideally, I would like to move her on Saturday, as then I would be able to spend time with her on Sunday to help her settle in.

I really hate moving her - I wish I could explain everything to her, but as it is, it's really horrible to tear her away from her friends. The yard she is at right now has been so good for us - the facilities are great and the bustling atmosphere of the riding school has been ideal for breaking a youngster in. She is relaxed and happy, so it seems cruel to take her away from that. However, it at least means that I can keep her. John has agreed to keep teaching me at the new yard, which I am extremely grateful for. I like the way he teaches and I think that we are making real progress.

She has been going well this week; I have been lunging her a few times to work on her canter transitions, and this is helping to some extent. I could really do with another lesson soon, as in between sessions I build up a collection of things I need help with. However, this might have to wait until things are not quite so tight money-wise. Isn't it rubbish that everything is always so governed by money? Where is that lottery ticket...


Wiola said...

I hope your move goes smoothly and Echo settles well on the new yard.
It's always stressful for them but it will add to her overall experience and I guess it's better to change their environment when they are young rather than in older age.
I moved my horses quite a bit (as they always stayed at the yards where I worked) and they took to it very well.

Good idea with matting and shavings - having mucked out both I would never go back to straw :-0
However, straw no straw, my boyfriend never fails to mention what my smell reminds him of when I come back from the yard ;)Sometimes, he even runs a bath for me when I am on my way back so he doesn't have to inhale too much of horsiness;))

Lottery ticket...there almost isn't a day I don't think about it!

Rachel said...

when you find that lottery ticket can you let me know where it was...

hope all goes well Sz. xxx

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