Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Sorry for the absence!

I am so sorry for my lack of posting over the last couple of weeks - I don't have access to the internet in the house I am temporarily staying in, and work is so busy that finding time there is tricky. However, I am moving house very soon, and so shyould have lots of time to blog! I will also be on my Easter holidays soon, which will mean lots of time for riding Echo. It's been a bit erratic up to the end of this term, but she is going well when I do get to ride. I will post more information VERY soon.


Janine said...

I will look forward to updates! I have also recently started a blog here for my young guy:

I have added you as a favourite link. :) I am finding some of your posts helpful to incorporate into my own training.

Echo is absolutely adorable by the way!

EquineSpirit said...

Hope all goes well with your move...can't wait to read your updates! :)

Wiola said...

Looking forward to more training investigations! :)

Daily adventures while training my young horse.