Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Arte y pico award

A belated but huge thank you to Dressage Mom for this blogging award. The orgin of the award can be found at and I am really honoured that Dressage Mom thought of me for this. I am supposed to pass this on to five more inspirational bloggers, but many of the blogs I read have already received it. I will therefore only pass it on to the following three blogs that I read regularly.

Barokko's Diary - a fellow young horse trainer with a coloured horse - girl after my own heart!

Odin's Diary - learning to ride as an adult can'tbe easy, but Maat has a wonderful horse to learn with.

Little Miss Rachel - not a horsey blog, but entertaining and personal.


Cat said...


Sorry this comment isn't related to your post. I've got a little three year old coloured gelding who I am in the middle of backing. I was wondering what type of bit you started Echo in and what you ride her in now.

Echo said...

Hi Cat
I started Echo in a straight-bar loose ring happy mouth bit, but she quickly started to chew through this, so I then put her in a loose ring jointed snaffle, which she seems to like. I had thought about trying some different ones recently - maybe one with a central lozenge. Just see what works for your boy - the simpler the better to start with - so I recommend the happy mouth, as it's light and isn't cold when it first goes in. Just be prepared to change it if he decides that he wants to eat it!
Good luck!

Rachel said...

thanks echo!

Daily adventures while training my young horse.