Sunday, 25 January 2009

Much better

She wouldn't look at the camera though - something was obviously much more interesting at the other end of the yard!

While I'm adding photos - thought you might like to see Echo's little brother Jeff in his smart new Christmas jumper that stops him gettting chilly and wet at the yard.


Wiola said...

Better quality this time indeed ;)
P.s. I didn't post your last comment as this friend reads my blog and didn't want to worry her...but I really hope she won't end up like your firned as she is just SO excited about it all!!

Suzie (Echo) said...

Yes - I realised after I wrote it that she probably wouldn't want to see that! I think it was just because my friend was there on a short term basis and they didn't really see the value in putting too much time into it. Sorry...I don't hold them in very high esteem as I have heard lots of bad things about them as trainers, dealers and employers, but as is the case with everything, unless you experience it first hand then one shouldn't judge. So I won't! I really hope that I am wrong.

Heidi said...

I love a freshly pulled mane! Echo looks so neat and pretty. I also feel a little bad about pulling manes, but like you said, there's nothing you can do about thick manes other than pull them. I use a thinning blade on the thinner parts of my horse's mane, but he's a Thoroughbred, so I don't have as much to deal with as you do!

I hope whatever happened the other day with Echo has sorted itself out :-)

Wiola said...

Oh dear, that's sad for your friend. Well, she id doing BD Apprenteceship with them so hope they will have to run it for her in a proper way.

I like Echo's new hair do too ;)

Gecko said...

hehe, I love how they are both black and white, cute!!! =D

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