Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A little hack - with a video :)

A little video from today's hack. The verdict - I'm a bit straighter in walk, a bit less straight in trot, and pretty wonky in canter. But it was fun, and she felt happy. The canter looks rather more controlled and steady than it felt!

Here are a few photos from the hack too - the weather was a bit rubbish, but I'm really enjoying the hacking at the moment :)


achieve1dream said...

Looking awesome!! I LOVE that first trot picture. :D

Is that pavement you're riding on in the video? I was always told riding on pavement with shoes on your horse is dangerous because it's slippery, but you guys might have different shoes or road surfaces over there. I'm so glad she's doing so well. :)

Suzie said...

Thanks :) It's just the normal road we're riding on - they're really narrow! But it's not too slippery as they make the surface quite rough so that when it's icy cars don't slip. It's not ideal riding on the roads, but it's all Tammy has around her yard and at least they're quite quiet! It's good that we have a lovely long canter track to use now, although as we always canter in the same place she is getting quite excited and strong!

achieve1dream said...

That's good! They don't make our pavement rough here so it is slick!! I won't drive when there is ice lol.

Yeah that's the only problem with having one spot to canter. They get really excited about that one spot. :) I'm so happy she's doing so well!

P.S. My verification word is horses! :D

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