Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Clever girl

Well she is safely installed in her new home - what a big relief! I had my stressful moments this morning, as the person driving her insisted on taking a lorry rather than a trailer, which is what she is used to. Having never been on a lorry before, she was extremely well-behaved. She walked straight up the ramp and stood quietly at the top while the doors were shut. We made a very swift exit as soon as she was on the box and she was very good all the way back (only about 25 minutes). She was apparently very vocal all the way to the yard though, according to the poor girl who was sitting in the groom's compartment!

She is now out in a field with about six others and seems to have established some kind of pecking order - she had become very much the boss in her previous field, so it will be a shock to the system to have other horses putting her in her place! She did look lovely as she was prancing round the field - lots of elevation in her trot!

Tomorrow morning is the next big hurdle to cross, as she will discover that she is expected to stand in a stable for several hours a day. This should not be too much of a problem, as before she was turned away, she was in from four in the afternoon until eight in the morning every day. However, she has become rather feral in her enormous field and might take some persuading that this is a good idea! She'll only be in for about seven hours each day and I will start to work her soon, so hopefully she will find this acceptable! The only problem we have had before is that when she is cross and can see an escape route (i.e. the doorway) she will go for it. At all costs. It is a rather alarming sight - a horse with its legs stuck over the door! To prevent this, she now has a set of Hannibal Lector bars in her stable doorway, which I will hopefully be able to take down soon.

I can't wait to get going; it's so exciting!

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