Thursday, 20 September 2007

A bit of variety

I decided to only lunge this evening, as I am trying to keep Echo's workload varied. The dressage trainer arrived today, so the indoor school has been worked on and the surface is quite good at the moment. They have put up new mirrors in there, which Echo was rather intrigued by and she had to stand and admire herself for a while! I worked her in side-reins tonight and she went beautifully - she was relaxed, round and moving freely. I also asked her to canter a few times on each rein, partly because I am rather concerned that this dressage trainer might ask me to canter on her at the weekend! I haven't cantered her in side reins before, and I think they actually helped her to balance.

I am really excited about my lesson at the weekend - everybody who has had one today was very impressed and looked suitably shell-shocked - as one should be after a good dressage session!

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