Thursday, 27 September 2007

McTimoney Technique

I had Emma Punt, a McTimoney back specialist, out to see Echo today. I booked her to come when Echo was having trouble bending on the left rein. However, I think that may have been something to do with the saddle, and she has since become much more supple. However, I thought I would keep the booking, as an MOT is always a good idea.

McTimoney is closely linked to physiotherapy, although they cannot call themselves chiropractors unless they treat humans. The girl who came out was very knowledgeable and I was really impressed with how thorough she was. She took down masses of information about Echo's history and what we have done so far, then she watched her walk and trot up in hand. She noticed that Echo holds her quarters fractionally to the right and so had a close look at her from behind. Apparently, her pelvis was slightly crooked, which was causing her to hold her quarters to one side. She did some manipulation of this and has apparently put the problem right.

She also said that she had some slight tension through her muscles on the left hand side of her spine, so she worked this area for a while to relieve it. As you would expect with a young horse, there is not too much to fix, which is good. Also, being young and flexible, apparently things right themselves quickly when manipulated.

I can't do too much with her tomorrow, as she needs to work mostly in straight lines for a while. This is not a problem, but she went so beautifully tonight before she was treated, and I am so enjoying riding her at the moment. I'm really glad I got Emma to come out, as it is great to know that physically Echo is able to cope with what I am asking of her, and that she is happy and comfortable.

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