Saturday, 26 July 2008

Pesky flies

I've been extremely busy recently so not really had much time to post - although I have been riding quite a lot - I love my long summer holidays! I jumped Echo again the other day - she was very good, although she took off quite early and I had to do my best to stay with her. Took her out for a hack on her own yesterday, a bit further than usual, and off the property of the place where I keep her. She was better than usual, as she didn't shout her head off all the way round, like she normally does when she's out alone, so she must be feeling a little more confident, but she kept getting spooked by things. The thing with Echo is that once something spooks her, she gets tense and then more and more things start to scare her, so by the end of the hack she's jumping out of her skin when she sees a rabbit! We will just have to build it up gradually I think - yesterday was definitely progress though.

I have found a solution to the nasty flies that are around. No amount of fly spray can keep them away from her ears when I'm riding, so I have invested in a fly hat for her. She does look somewhat like a new recruit for the KKK, but it is doing its job very effectively and she seems much happier being worked when she's wearing it.


Gecko said...

Aww doesn't she look adorable, I doubt my boy Bundy would appreciate one of those! It matches her colours too! ;D

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure Echo will get the hang of being hacked out alone after while. She looks awfully cute in her ear net,we use them too. We also use a fly mask made for hacking out. It is sheer so they can see and keeps the bugs off.

Beckz said...

Cute in her ear net. It's good that she is getting more confident. I hate riding horses that wont stop calling out.

dressagemom said...

I gave you an award! Check out my blog!

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