Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Saddle

I've ridden a few times in the saddle now and I am pretty happy with it. I had a very experienced lady watch me ride in it yesterday and she didn't think it moved at all on her back. My friends videoed me in it today (I'll put that on here tomorrow) and I took several photos from different angles. I would welcome any suggestions/thoughts on the fit of it, although I appreciate that you can't tell that much from still photos.

Before riding, the saddle sat like this:

After riding, the saddle sat like this:

This is me having just got on:

This is after riding her for 20 minutes...

What I have realised from these photos and what is likely to be glaringly obvious to you all, is HOW WONKY I AM!!!!!!!!! I am so far over to the right - I can't believe it! In these photos I was convinced I was sitting straight. The result of this is a decision - Wiola I need you!!


Wiola said...

Hey Suzie! Eek, you are a little crooked :) Nothing that can't be worked on though! I sent you a message on FB - see you soon!
Looks like Echo has preferred way of going and she rides you around that way rather than you moulding her into even, straighter shape. Core stability and lots of exercises here we come :) x

P.s. Saddle looks good to me from what I can see on the pictures.

Kate said...

Saddle looks good - I'd judge by how you feel in it, and how she feels going in it.

Pony Girl said...

I can't judge from pictures, but it is a nice looking saddle and looks pretty on Echo. I hope it works out for you!
I had my first saddleseat riding lesson today, and I felt pretty wonky the whole time, LOL!
Have a great weekend!

Rising Rainbow said...

I hope the saddle works for you. It looks good in the pictures. Funny how pictures show us things we don't see or feel.

achieve1dream said...

It looks good to me but I don't have any experience fitting saddles. I used to have a problem sitting crooked too, due to knee pain, but once I was aware of it I was able to fix it. :)

sanjeet said...

Saddle looks good to me from what I can see on the pictures.
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