Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What have Echo and I been doing? Nothing.

And this is why:

It seems to be slowly melting, so as soon as the school can be ridden in, I will be back to normal...hopefully!


Lexa said...

Those are really pretty pictures even if they're inconvenient conditions. It's pretty icy over here too. Hope it melts faster and you can ride soon!

achieve1dream said...

Yep winter is getting to all of us I think. :)

Pony Girl said...

Hey, send some of that snow my way if you tire of it...we're getting nothing but rain here! :)
Bummer weather (esp snow) prevents us from riding, but it's sure pretty, isn't it?

Suzie (Echo) said...

You're is pretty. And my dog looks super-cute in it! I'm probably being a real kill-joy, but I am fed up of the stuff now - I just want to ride my horse!!

Jooles said...

Me too Suzie - I feel your pain!

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