Sunday, 15 April 2012

Echo does Yoga - Day 2

Echo was a little more grouchy this evening, but I persevered with the yoga and she was really good in the end. She really enjoyed the front leg stretches, but she doesn't like the 'butt tucks' very much at all, and without someone holding her, I can't get her to stand still and hold the stretch. We did get some good stretches though - here are the photos. Before:
We then did 15 minutes long-reining and she was starting to relax much more - until it started hailing! This was taken just before - you can just about make out the rainbow by her right ear!

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achieve1dream said...

Cool!! I can see the rainbow. That's an awesome picture. I hope the hail didn't hurt either one of you.

Wow, she can hold a butt tuck?? Chrome can't. I just have him tuck his pelvis/lift his back and then let go immediately as his reward. Maybe I should work on a little duration?

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