Sunday, 6 May 2012

A little improvement?

I have a much more detailed post, telling you all about Echo's yoga, her shoeing and her physio (with some rather interesting developments...) but I just wanted to share this very blurry photo. Since doing the yoga with her, I am catching her standing like this a lot more - much more square behind than she has ever chosen to stand before. This is just how I saw her standing while eating her hay. I think she just looks more solid now when she stands. It's not all the time, but it's definitely more.
And right now, I'll take ANY sign of improvement as something to be over the moon about!


Wiola said...

Great news! Looking forward to more updates :)

Kelly said...

Yeah for improvement! I was so there last year at this time - but what a difference a year can hang in there.

achieve1dream said...

That is FANTASTIC!!! Chrome almost NEVER stands square in the rear (I think due to his club foot) so I'm definitely going to start doing the Yoga with him. :D Keep up the great work!

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