Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hacking in a Gale!

I went for a lovely hack today. It was blowing a gale, but Echo was actually really quiet. In fact, the only time she spooked was when I sneezed very loudly! We did some good long trots and lots of walking. At one point, my friend suggested we start off trotting up a track, then as her horse (who can be very strong) wasn't pulling too much, we decided to canter the rest of the way. I haven't cantered Echo on a hack for months, so was prepared for some bucking, but she was actually very good. She was steady and balanced - I think she might have enjoyed it as much as I did! I was taking silly pictures on my phone - I love the fact that Echo's ears are poking into the photo here! I really enjoyed myself today. Lots more hacking for us.


The People History said...

sounds like a cool ride .


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm happy to hear you and Echo had a lovely hack out. It will probably do her good (and you too) if you made it a regular affair. My horses love being able to hack out before or after a lesson or just because.I think it breaks up their boredom.

Pony Girl said...

It's always good to get out, isn't it? I have missed it, it's been a month since I've been out of the arena! Glad to hear Echo enjoyed herself and NO bucks! ;)

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