Friday, 3 August 2007

Monsters in the indoor arena!

I lunged Echo today with a roller on and she was sound!!! Such a relief. She had trotted up sound for the vet, but I wanted to see it myself on the lunge. I took her into the indoor school today - she's never been indoors before and it was a bit spooky! She didn't do anything naughty, she just flew round in a speedy trot and was very fired up. When I asked her to walk she would, but would then decide that it was probably safer to trot again!

One very good thing today is that Echo and her friends are out in a much bigger field for the next few weeks; there's lots of grass and lots of space so that is definitely a bonus. It's a bit strange only seeing her once a day now - I seem to have spent my life at the yard recently and today's visit felt quite brief. It will perhaps give me a chance to do other necessary jobs!

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