Thursday, 2 August 2007

New Shoes!!!

Echo was shod today and behaved like a horse twice her age. She had to be hot shod due to her funny shaped feet and wasn't bothered at all by the smells or sounds. Admittedly she devoured an entire packet of polos, but I could not have asked her to behave any better. She now has front shoes on and we will see how the back feet go; it's quite possible that she will have to have backs on next time. The photo above shows how messy stockholm tar is - it got everywhere!

She was so happy to be out in the field - she rolled for about two minutes before starting to graze. It was very nice to see. Tomorrow, depending on how comfortable she is, I think we will begin the lunging again. Yet again, fingers crossed!


Rachel said...

Glad there has been so good news! x

Rachel said...

obviously I meant 'some' not 'so'. Typing in a hurry has got me into all sorts of trouble today!

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