Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The road to recovery.

Having been on holiday for a week, I was expecting Echo's foot to be fully recovered when I returned. This was not entirely the case. She had been poulticed for a week while I was away, still on box-rest, and I was hoping this would solve the infection in her foot. However, the farrier had a look at her on the day I got back and he said he could still hear something inside the hole when he pressed the sole of the hoof. How infuriating!

She has now been poulticed for two more days and each poultice has been coming off absolutely spotless, so I called the vet this morning to see what she had to say. She watched her trot up (completely 100% sound) and squeezed her foot with hoof testers (no sign of anything.) Her verdict is that the infection has gone and the noise inside the foot is simply the fact that the foot is wet inside from poulticing. The farrier is coming out tomorrow to put shoes on her and the vet recommended that she stay poulticed until then to keep it completely clean, so Echo is spending (hopefully) her last night in solitary confinement tonight.

The good thing about all this box-rest, other than her recovery, is that she has become extremely relaxed in her stable and is putting up with being dealt with without any problems. She is the only horse on the yard at night and is dealing with it admirably, provided she has a very full haynet to keep her occupied.

I had not intended this blog to be a record of treatment for lameness, and with any luck, from this weekend we should make a little more progress!

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