Monday, 6 August 2007

A step closer...

We are nearly back to the stage where we left things at Christmas. Today I leaned across Echo after I had lunged her, and was led around in walk. It's hideously uncomfortable, lying across a saddle, trying desperately to stay relaxed and to breathe normally, while trying to keep an eye on how the horse is feeling and whether she is walking happily or getting upset. But it is necessary, and she behaved impeccably. The only unfortunate thing is the fact that people always seem to appear at the side of the school, when I am draped across my horse with my bum in the air - so attractive!

The plan for tomorrow is to sit on Echo and walk around. I'm wary of doing too much more, as I'm waiting for her new bit to arrive, which is slightly bigger and will give her a bit more room in her mouth. I'd also like to try some other saddles on her, as although hers doesn't fit too badly, she has filled out a lot in her shoulders and it is on the tight side. It's vital to break a horse in a saddle that fits, so before I ask her to trot or work at all, I'd like to see if something else will fit better.

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