Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Trotting and everything!

Big breakthrough mentally for me today: I rode Echo for about ten minutes, including a trot on each rein. In the back of my mind I had been a tiny bit concerned about the first trot, as when I first put the saddle on her, this time last year, she was fine until she started trotting. She didn't exactly do anything silly when she did trot, but she was obviously worried by it for a few moments. However, today she was fantastic! We were being led, but she went forward when I asked her (vocally at the moment, although I started to close my leg at the same time) and she felt rhythmical and comfortable.

Tomorrow will bring more of the same in terms of what I ask of her, although we may have a trot on the lunge tomorrow, so that she doesn't rely on the person running next to her to keep her going. I have to stay very balanced, as the saddle I bought for her last year (only cost me £9 - bargain!), despite still fitting her reasonably well, is rather unstable, and feels as though it may slip a little. This is obviously not ideal, and I will set about looking for another saddle as soon as possible.

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